About Shihan Sang

Shihan Anthony Sang is a Black Belt Instructor with more than thirty-five years of accomplishments in the study and practice of traditional Japanese style karate. He began his training in Kingston, Jamaica and was introduced to one of the strongest Karate styles of today's Martial Arts, Kyokushin Kai Kan Karate. He advanced through the ranks and achieved his Black Belt in 1975 at the age of 18. Continuing his studies with Seido Karate in 1978, at age 21 he became one of the youngest students in Jamaica to earn the rank of Shodan, 1st Degree Black Belt.

In 1981 Shihan Sang immigrated to New York City so that he could live with his family and continue his training under Seido Karate Grandmaster & Founder Tadashi Nakamura. Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura was a former student of the founder of Kyokushin Kai Karate, the Great Grandmaster Sosai Masutatsu Oyama.

Throughout his career in Karate, Shihan Sang has repeatedly been a tournament champion in kumite (free fighting), kata, and breaking divisions. In 2013, Shihan Sang received his 5th degree black belt from Kyokushin Master Kaicho David Farzinzad, of the International Kyokushin Union (IKU). Shihan Sang was given the honor of being appointed the United States IKU Branch Chief for Oklahoma, certifying and authorizing him to open an official headquarters and organization.

Shihan Sang enjoys teaching and he is dedicated to helping students, nurturing the strengths of the mind, body, and spirit. In June, 2012, Shihan Sang opened his own dojo (school), Sang's Martial Arts and is the founder of his own system (style), Hoshi-Ki Kai Karate. Hoshi-Ki Kai Karate was founded as an independent Karate Association. It is a full-contact, fighting style of Karate; a discipline based on the premise that you should set your goal to the highest point and never settle for less, no matter how large or small that goal is. Never stop trying! As a result, you will gain a greater self-confidence, self-discipline, anda  stronger mental health focus, to accomplish any challenge that you may facein life. Keep a strong spirit, always.

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