Hoshi-Ki Kai Karate Philosophy

The four points of the star will point and guide you on a path to achieving your goals. Believe in your dreams and set your goals to the highest point. Never stop trying.

  • Set your goal to the highest point and never settle for less no matter how large or small the goal.
  • Within each person there is a supernatural energy or strength.
  • Discipline and perseverance lets you use your inner strength, willpower, and determination to achieve your goals.
  • Never give up. No matter what the challenge. When you fall, you endeavor to succeed by remaining focused on your goal. (Star)
  • Hoshi-Ki Kai Karate will bring out the best in you and will help you to uncover the spiritual energy within.
  • The Hoshi-Ki Kai outer circle symbolizes continuity and circular action. Refinement of movement through consistent and continual training, a student becomes stronger both physically and mentally.
  • Daily you will build self-confidence and will use your subconscious mind through visualization and meditation.

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