Our School

At Sang's Martial Arts School, Hoshi-Ki self-defense Karate we offer a full curriculum for adults and kids and instruction for beginners to black belts in a safe and friendly environment.

All students learn hands-on, practical self-defense techniques designed to be used regardless of age, size, or gender. As a beginner, you'll learn the basic blocks, kicks, punches, and grabs. As you progress through your training you'll master more advanced techniques such as spinning jump kicks and take-downs while always maintaining the philosophy of self-defense.

Children: In the children's karate classes, our focus is on helping your child develop a positive, confident outlook. We firmly believe that self-confidence and discipline are the most valuable skills we can teach. Sang's Martial Arts School teaches by doing. It requires hands-on practices of real, possible life life situations using short, effective defense techniques. Students perform a new skill repeatedly until the movements become second nature.

Adults: We provide you with a complete program of physical conditioning. Our exercises are safe, effective, and tailored to your individual needs. You will build strength, flexibility, and coordination, and will utilize every muscle in your body. You will notice new power and stamina as your entire body becomes firm and toned. This is just the beginning of what we have to offer.

Start NOW and realize the power within you!

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